Honda Beat Atau Yamaha Mio

Yah mereka berdua merek yang baik tidak diragukan lagi karena keduanya akan memiliki daya tahan yang sangat baik. Dan karena mereka skuter mereka dibuat untuk terakhir tanpa hampir tidak maintanence apapun (bukan yang i dont merekomendasikan maintaning mereka) karena umumnya orang-orang yang naik mereka tahu apa-apa harldy tentang mereka (tidak menggoda Anda atau apa, tapi sebenarnya, berapa banyak pengendara hard core Anda lihat di skuter??).

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Well they are both good brands no doubt about that therefore both will have excellent durability. And because they are scooters they are made to last without hardly any maintanence (not that i dont recomend maintaning them) because generally people who ride them know harldy anything about them (not teasing you or anything, but its true, how many hard core riders do you see on scooters??). So as far as durability goes, 10/10 for both bikes. No idea about price. but the most expensive models i have seen that are up to 250cc or 500cc can cost up to $13000. But generally scooters are 125cc, so tops would be 5 or 6 thousand. 

Cheaper if it's second hand. Performance on both bikes will be dictated by engine size. anything 150cc and under will be ok for lugging around an AVERAGE human around town but will be extremly unstable and unsafe on highways and speed limits exceeding 70 + km. Get a bigger scooter with more power and your looking at a more comfortable ride + safer. 50cc is ridiculous. Avaliability of parts for both bikes are easy to obtain as they are major brands, so no worries there. 

 Appearance, well is up to you.. i like neither, but i'd prefer the beat, as the mio looks like a chick scooter. The mio is more popular because (without being sexist) 9/10 of scooter riders are women, and the mio is attractive to girls for some reason.probly cos it looks like an italian vespa or some crap. where as the beat looks more sporty and plasticy and probly dosnt appeal to women.

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Honda Sabre 2011 American Honda Cruiser Models

Kadang-kadang Anda hanya ingin mengeluarkan getaran lebih agresif, dan itulah apa yang Sabre adalah untuk. Berotot The Sabre pro-jalan gaya menyediakan perjalanan klasik, dengan ergonomi untuk mencocokkan. Kursi dan stang menghasilkan posisi bersandar ke depan untuk naik sikap agresif untuk cocok dengan kepribadian kustom mendinginkan Sabre's. Selain itu, roda depan 21 inci dan roda belakang 15-inci menambah tampak motor telanjang-buku jari. Tambahkan mesin 1312cc mengesankan V-twin lengkap dengan canggih Programmed Fuel Injection Honda, dan Anda memiliki sepeda yang setangguh seperti yang terlihat.


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American Honda Motor Company announced additions for the 2011 model year, which includes three cruisers: the Sabre, Stateline, and Shadow Aero machines. These returning motorcycles cap off a solid lineup for the current year.

2011 Stateline
With long, low lines that embody the essence of cruising, the Stateline blends two worlds of motorcycling style: traditional looks plus progressive elements. The deeply valanced fenders arc downward for classic retro flair, yet the rolling chassis and overall lines bring a fresh, modern look to the class. A wider seat with more relaxed position and a longer, wider handlebar brings a more upright, easy riding stance for a traditional cruiser experience. The blacked-out engine treatment also helps make the Stateline its own machine. Add to that the deep throaty rumble of a big V-twin engine and that Vee power pulse, and there's no question this machine is all about cruising.
MSRP is $11,799

2011 Sabre
Honda Sabre 2011
Sometimes you just want to put out a more aggressive vibe, and that's what the Sabre is for. The Sabre's muscular pro-street style provides a classic ride, with ergonomics to match. The seat and handlebar yield a forward- leaning position for an aggressive riding stance to match to the Sabre's custom cool persona. Also, a 21-inch front wheel and 15-inch rear wheel add to the bike's bare-knuckle looks. Add an impressive 1312cc V-twin engine complete with Honda's sophisticated Programmed Fuel Injection, and you have a bike that's as tough as it looks.
MSRP $11,899

Shadow Aero
Back for 2011 as a proven favorite, the Shadow Aero serves as a satisfying ride for a wide range of enthusiasts. Factor in the Shadow Aero's classic retro styling, low seat height, power-packed V-twin engine now with sophisticated Programmed Fuel Injection—at a price that's right for today's budgets—and you have the makings of a winner.
MSRP $7999



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